The Queen is pictured horse riding at Windsor Castle in rare new lockdown photos

The monarch has always loved horses New photos of the Queen horse riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle were released on Sunday evening. The lovely pictures showed the monarch, who appeared to be in good health and good spirits, riding Fern, a 14-year-old Fell Pony. Her Majesty wore jodhpurs, a green blazer and a pink headscarf as she rode Fern across a large, perfectly manicured lawn. Two images were released on behalf of the Queen, both of them taken from an appropriate social distance by PA Media photographer in Windsor Home Park.Volume 90% The Queen has long been a keen horse rider, and will no doubt relish the chance to enjoy one of her favourite hobbies even during this challenging time. She has been spending lockdown with her husband, Prince Philip, at their Windsor residence. It was reported earlier this week that the household is taking the utmost precautions to ensure the safety of its royal residents. According to an article from The Sun, the Queen has 24 staff members who are split into two teams of 12 who work “three weeks on, three weeks off”.
queen riding horse
The Queen is spending lockdown at Windsor Castle  Staff are reportedly allowed to spend two weeks at home during the rotation, before spending a third week in quarantine and are tested for COVID-19 before returning to work. It was also revealed that Master of the Household Tony Johnstone-Burt, a former Royal Navy officer, has referred to the team of 24 staff members as “HMS Bubble”. Her Majesty traditionally travels to Balmoral for her summer break, arriving at the end of July and staying at the Scottish estate until October, but she is expected to remain at Windsor Castle for the foreseeable future. She continues to work during the pandemic, however, including conducting weekly meetings with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, although these now take place by phone rather than in person. Source: HELLO MAGAZINE