The hilarious moment William shared with Diana in the kitchen – ‘Oh, your highness!’


A FORMER Royal chef has revealed a heartwarming and hilarious moment that Prince Harry shared with Princess Diana in the kitchen.

Darren McGrady was personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Diana, and Princes William and Harry for 15 years.

In 1998, Mr McGrady moved to the US and has since written several best-selling books and revealed all about the culinary world of the Royal Family.

Mr McGrady explained one moment between Princess Diana and her boys in the kitchen that was hilarious.

The former Royal chef explained that when the boys were young, they would sometimes come into the kitchen to help cook.

Mr McGrady said: “When the boys were bored they’d actually come in and ask if they could cook in the kitchen too.


Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry. (Image: Getty)


Princess Diana playing with Prince William and Prince Harry. (Image: Getty)

“One day, I was making stuffed eggplant for Diana, and William says ‘oh, can I make that?’

“I lifted it out the oven, and he lifted it on to the plate, and just as he did Princess Diana walked into the kitchen, and he twisted it on to the plate and it collapsed everywhere.

“It was like a train smash.

“I turned and said ‘oh your royal highness, William’s made you lunch’.”


Princess Diana leans in for a hug with Prince William and Prince Harry. (Image: Getty)

Mr McGrady made the adorable admission in a video made by Delish.

The chef went through the steps of cooking the Princes’ favourite dish – cottage pie.

He continued: “I’d prepare this dish almost every time they came home.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana in happier times. (Image: Getty)


The attention falls to a young Prince William (Image: Getty)

“William and Harry were almost always in the kitchen, whether it was to find out what was for lunch, or to play hide and seek.

“They even came through just to chat.

“Sometimes, they even came in to cook, which was a really worrying experience.”

He continued: “It was always fun having the boys in the kitchen.

“And, although it was a royal kitchen, they were still children, and just like normal children, running around the house having fun.”

More recently, the two brothers have grown apart.


Holiday fun with the Royal family. (Image: Getty)

The royal split comes after the news that Harry and Meghan Markle and Harry would be stepping back from their senior roles as members of the Royal Family.

The feud between brothers became public following a bombshell ITV documentary last year, where Harry told journalists he and his brother were on “different paths”.

Yet, as Mr McGrady explained, the pair were for the most part of their childhood best friends and carefree.