Royal REVELATION: How Kate Middleton ‘knew what she was doing’ when she seduced William


KATE Middleton “seduced” Prince William in 2002 during a student fashion show when she walked the catwalk in her underwear and a see-through dress, but was the Duchess of Cambridge aware of what she was really doing?

Kate Middleton and Prince William first met in 2001 when they both started studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship was purely friendly when they first started to get to know one another. However, it was after a student fashion show – where Kate walked the catwalk – that sparked the couple’s romance.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Image Getty 7
Kate Middleton and Prince William Image Getty 7

In 2002, the mother of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis took part in the school’s fashion show, where she confidently walked the catwalk in a range of ensembles.

Among these was a see-through mesh dress which showed off Kate’s black underwear and athletic figure.

The dress was designed by fashion designer Charlotte Todd, who had made the dress for her coursework from the brief “the art of seduction”, which she explained was “quite apt”.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Image Getty 6
Kate Middleton and Prince William Image Getty 6

In documentary “When Kate Met Met William: A Tale Of Two Lives”, royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed: “She [Kate] did the walk, she caught William’s eye and it was like something had just got off in his brain.”

Ms Nicholl continued: “He suddenly noticed that this rather cute and charming girl who he’d gotten to know over lectures and breakfast was actually a real hotty.”

The designer of the dress, Ms Todd, also revealed that Kate may have “known what she was doing” when she walked the catwalk in front of the Prince.

She explained: “It shows confidence to show your underwear in front of people, and knowing that a Prince is there as well, I think that she may have known what she was doing.”

Ms Todd added: “Whether she did or not, it worked.”

Kate had truly caught William’s eye as it’s believed he made a move on the brunette beauty the very same night.

In 2011 book “The Making Of A Royal Romance” by Katie Nicholl, the royal expert explains how on the night of the 2002 fashion show, William struck out with Kate after seeing her on the catwalk.

Following the show, William is believed to have told his friend: “Wow, Kate’s hot!”

He then attempted to kiss Kate during a moment alone but she rejected his advance because he had been “cold” to her with other friends present.

Ms Nicholl claims: “William leaned in to kiss her. It was Kate who pulled away, momentarily stunned that he had been so cold in a room full of strangers.”

At the time, the Duchess is believed to have been dating Rupert Finch, a fourth-year student, however, “William didn’t seem to care.”

In the book, a friend of the couple recalls: “It was clear to us that William was smitten with Kate, he actually told her she was a knockout that night, which caused her to blush.

“She played it very cool and at one point when William seemed to lean in to kiss her, she pulled away. She didn’t want to give off the wrong impression or make it too easy for Will.”


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