Royal heartbreak: How William is reaching out to help heal Royal Family


PRINCE WILLIAM has reportedly been reaching out to Prince Harry to talk him through some tough times recently, and the Duke of Cambridge has past form in taking on a caring role for the Royal Family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been stepping up to increasing royal duties in recent weeks, as the shock departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal Family earlier this year has left a gap in the ranks of senior royals. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now settled in Los Angeles, after a brief period living in Canada, life has been in upheaval for some time for Harry. However, William seems to be reaching out to his younger brother in order to heal the rift and to counsel Harry through the emotional time of settling in a completely new country.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl, speaking to US outlet ET Online last month, indicated that the Duke of Cambridge is reaching out to talk his brother through some tough times.

Ms Nicholl said: “There have clearly been some quite major rifts in that relationship, but things have got better and I know that William and Harry are in touch on the phone.

“They have done video calls together, they have done a lot of family birthdays and I think with Prince Charles not being well, that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and get back in touch.”

Prince William also seems to be reaching out to his younger brother as he makes the transition to life stateside.

Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge (Image: Getty)

Prince William and Prince Harry with Kate Middleton and Meghan MarkleMeghan

William and Harry together on Commonwealth Day in March (Image: Getty)

This week, Us Weekly added to the picture with an anonymous source in LA speaking about how William has been a listening ear for Harry.

The source said: “Moving to a completely different country is never easy for anyone, including Harry. And he wasn’t expecting to be faced with so many obstacles.

“William’s advised Harry to return to London or move elsewhere, somewhere safer. He’s concerned about his brother’s well-being and safety.”

The source added that the Queen has “been reaching out to Harry to see if he’s OK and has offered to help out if needed”.

n January, the Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers commented that, as the Sandringham Showdown was taking place, William especially had been working to try to welcome Harry back “into the royal fold”.

William has past form when it comes to helping Harry through some personal struggles, too.

The Duke of Sussex has spoken candidly about facing mental health difficulties in the past, and how William spoke to him about seeking professional support.

In 2017, Prince Harry opened up about how his older brother had encouraged him to talk to professionals about his mental  health.

He said, in an interview with The Telegraph, that William said to him: “Look, you really need to deal with this. It is not normal to think that nothing has affected you.

William also seems to have a deep concern for his friends, too.

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke just this month about how the heir to the throne personally helped him through some tough times.

Speaking about the Prince and Kate’s work with mental health initiatives, the Archbishop said: “I am deeply grateful to His Royal Highness for speaking publicly about mental health and hope it might encourage others who are suffering alone to seek help and support.

“It encouraged me to seek help when I was struggling, help which was effective.”