Royal heartbreak: How the world missed Diana’s subtle signs her marriage was in trouble


PRINCESS DIANA was sending signals as early as 1991 that her marriage to Prince Charles was crumbling, but many people missed the Princess’s signs, according to a veteran royal reporter.

Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles tied the knot in their spectacular royal wedding in 1981. The parents of Prince William and Prince Harry faced a notoriously rocky married life together – however before 1992, when their separation became imminent, many did not guess at the Prince and Princess’s unhappiness behind the scenes. In his 2006 book “William’s Princess”, veteran royal reporter Robert Jobson reveals how, although he was present at a party where Diana was sending “smoke signals” about her distress, he and the assembled guests did not pick up on them. Mr Jobson writes: “On her 30th birthday the Princess purposely sent out a message, too subtle for me to comprehend back then, that her marriage was in trouble and she did not care who knew it.  “Just how much trouble would become apparent with devastating consequences to her own brief life.”  Mr Jobson narrated how, in July 1991, he was invited to Diana’s 30th birthday party at the Savoy hotel as a newly-appointed royal reporter.  He writes: “Everybody was doing his or her best to appear cool and self-possessed, but no-one was doing a very good job of it as they glanced impatiently towards the door at every rustle and twitch of activity that suggested the royal arrival. 
Princess Diana
Diana, Princess of Wales (Image: Getty)
Princess Diana
Diana arriving at the Savoy for her 30th birhtday in 1991 (Image: Getty) “In the Lancaster Ballroom pop star Phil Collins was going through his last sound checks, struggling no doubt to appear as un-starstruck as the rest of us as he prepared to sing his hit single ‘Another Day in Paradise’ to the royal birthday girl.  “Given the state of Diana’s marriage it could hardly have been less appropriate, but he was not to know.”  However, Mr Jobson reveals there was a signal the marriage was struggling that nobody at the party picked up on at the time.  He writes: “Her husband Prince Charles was not there. 
Prince Charles and Princess Diana
The Prince and Princess of Wales pictured in 1991 (Image: Getty) “Diana had rebuffed his attempts to throw a celebration party, feeling, perhaps rightly, that the offer stemmed from a sense of propriety rather than any heartfelt desire to bring her happiness.  “In public they just about managed to smile and put on a show of unity but in private it was war. The War of the Waleses.  “This seems obvious today with the benefit of hindsight, but at the time it was easy to rubbish talk of crisis and reports of marital strife.  “[It was] easy for the stuffed shirts of Buckingham Palace to dismiss any negative reports as ill-informed mischief making. 
Prince Charles and Diana timeline
Prince Charles and Diana timeline (Image: DX) “They scoffed at the very suggestion that anything was wrong with the marriage of the future King and Queen.”  He continues: “As a rookie Fleet Street reporter only recently seconded to the royal beat, it all went over my head.  “Nor could anybody in the room that day have believed that a year and a half later, the Prime Minister John Major would be on his feet at the Despatch Box telling a hushed House of Commons that Charles and Diana were to separate. 

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“He also went on to say there was no question of divorce and therefore that the separation would not bar Diana form becoming Queen.  “It was a preposterous idea. How could Charles reign with his estranged wife at his side?  “The fairytale was a sham. Worse, of course, would follow.” Source: EXPRESS CO UK