Royal Family: All royals must travel with this ensemble – but why?


THE ROYAL FAMILY has certainly racked up a few air miles over their time. From travelling the world for tours and state visits, everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Prince William is an expert in travelling and bringing the appropriate clothing for various occasions.

However, whenever members of the British Royal Family are on their travels, there’s one particular ensemble they’re all required to bring.PROMOTED STORY

According to The Independent, every time a member of the Royal Family leaves the country, they must bring a black mourning outfit in case a relative dies.

This is to ensure that upon returning back to the UK, that they are appropriately dressed to fit the sombre mindset of the nation.This policy is compulsory for any international trip that a Royal may go on, including Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This rule is said to have begun after the death of King George VI.

When King George VI died in 1952, Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya with her husband Prince Philip when she was informed.

British Royal Family - Travels

Royals: Members of the British Royal Family must carry one particular ensemble on their travels (Image: Getty Images)

Due to the suddenness of his death, the Queen had no mourning outfit with her for when she returned to London as the leader of the country.

It would have been considered inappropriate to depart the plane without the mourning dress, and so she stayed on the plane until a black dress was delivered whilst it was parked on the tarmac.

This is one of the many rules members of the Royal Family must follow when abroad.

According to The Telegraph, one of their many policies includes the Queen packing a supply of her own blood.

The health of the monarch is of utmost importance and if the Queen is visiting a country where a reliable blood supply is questionable then a pack of her own blood will be included, always following in their convoy.

This is in case a blood transfusion should be necessary without Queen Elizabeth’s health being jeopardised.

Emergencies will be responded to right away as the Queen’s doctor is always nearby when she travels.

The medical practitioner is a Royal Navy doctor and he will always be carrying a bulky medical bag containing a mobile defibrillator and emergency medicine.

Queen Elizabeth - Plane 1952

Royals: The Queen didn’t travel with an all-black outfit on a visit to Kenya in 1952 (Image: Getty Images)

The doctor will also have carefully researched where the nearest hospital is to the monarch at all times.

The Telegraph also reports that Prince Charles travels with his own personal pack of blood.

The Queen is also known to travel with a variety of items, ranging from barley sugar and homeopathic medicines to a camera and a personalised tea kettle.

Queen Elizabeth - Tea

Royals: It’s said that the Queen often travels with a monogrammed tea kettle (Image: Getty Images)

Her Royal Highness is known to carry a monogrammed tea kettle so she can have her usual cups of tea.

Her tea brand of choice is Earl Gray, which she would take in large quantities when abroad.

It is said to be specifically created for her to ensure the highest quality and she reportedly drinks tea without milk or sugar.