Royal confession: How Kate lifted lid on Charlotte’s touching tribute to Diana


PRINCESS CHARLOTTE carries out a touching tribute to Princess Diana, the grandmother she never met, her mother Kate revealed.

Charlotte, 5, is Kate and Prince William’s second child and sister to Prince George, 6, and Prince Louis, 2. In August 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed an adorable insight into the tribute Charlotte pays to her late grandmother, Princess Diana. As Kate braved the rain alongside William and Prince Harry at Kensington Palace on the anniversary of Dian’s death, she revealed that Charlotte “absolutely loves” dancing. This is an emotional nod to Diana who, as a youngster, studied ballet and wanted to be a dancer. She reportedly gave up the dream because she was too tall to be a professional. Her ballet teacher Anne Allen said: “She had dance in her soul. I realised the pure enjoyment that it gave her. “She loved the freeness of being able to move and dance. I could see it helped to alleviate her emotional life.”
Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton
Princess Charlotte and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (Image: GETTY)
Princess Diana
Princess Diana (Image: GETTY) This became famous when, in 1985, the Princess of Wales danced with John Travolta together at Ronald Reagan’s White House gala. This event became so iconic that Diana’s dress from the evening was later dubbed the “Travolta Dress”. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment in 2019, Travolta admitted he had no idea he was meant to be dancing with Diana until he arrived at the White House.
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta (Image: GETTY) He said: “I didn’t know until I got there that I was supposed to dance with her. “[Princess Diana] kept that a secret when she met me.  “She didn’t know that Nancy Reagan hadn’t told me yet that this was the plan — that I was the Prince Charming of the evening.”
William and Kate with George, Charlotte and Louis
William and Kate with George, Charlotte and Louis (Image: GETTY)
William and Kate taking George and Charlotte to school
William and Kate taking George and Charlotte to school (Image: GETTY) He added: “I was awestruck. “She led the way, and I thought: ‘Well, that’s not going to happen! I’ve got to go back to my school days of learning ballroom dancing and show that I can lead her.” Prince William has also spoken out about his mother’s love of dancing and noted it is a hobby of George’s, too. In 2018, he joined 14-year-old street dancer Junior Frood at a BBC Teen Heroes event. The second-in-line to the throne said: “George is going to dance as well, he loves it. “My mother always used to dance, loved dance. “If it’s something you love, you do what you love and it’s very important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You keep at it.” The Duke met Junior at Kensington Palace, and joked about his own skills, saying: “With break dancing I literally break myself.” Source: EXPRESS CO UK