Queen heartbreak: Why Peter Phillips and Autumn split will have hit Queen hard


THE QUEEN’S grandson Peter Phillips is splitting from his wife Autumn. This is why the royal divorce will have hit the Queen particularly hard.

Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest grandchild Peter Phillips, 42, is divorcing his wife Autumn. Princess Anne’s son Peter married native Canadian and former actress Autumn in 2008 and they have two daughters together – Isla and Savannah. According to friends of the couple, it was Autumn who asked for the divorce after more than a decade of marriage.

Queen heartbreak

Queen heartbreak: Why Peter Phillips and Autumn ‘split’ will have hit Queen particularly hard (Image: GETTY)

On Monday night, friends of the royals claimed Peter was blindsided by Autumn’s request to separate – they said he was in “total shock.”

The split comes weeks after Peter faced criticism for starring in a Chinese advert for a milk company.

Montreal native Autumn married British Royal Family member Peter Phillips in 2008, five years after they first met.

When they first began dating Autumn had no idea Peter was a royal as his mother Princess Anne chose not to give her children official titles.

Autumn Phillips sits beside The Queen

Autumn Phillips sits beside The Queen arriving at Royal Ascot in 2013 (Image: WENN)

Autumn Phillips and The Queen

Autumn and Peter Phillips were often pictured with The Queen at the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering (Image: PA)

If Peter and Autumn separate they will be the first royal couple of that generation to divorce.

All of the Queen’s children bar Prince Edward have been through divorces and the Queen is particularly averse to royal splits.

She allowed Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex more time to adapt to royal life ahead of their wedding in the hope it would ensure a long-lasting marriage.

The Queen has been married to Prince Philip for more than seven decades and as the head of the Church of England believes in the sacrament of marriage.

Autumn Phillips Prince William

A pregnant Autumn Phillips chatting to William watching Zara competing at Gatcombe (Image: PA)

Autumn Kelly marries Peter Phillips

Autumn Kelly married Peter Phillips in 2008, at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor (Image: WENN)

Queen heartbreak

Queen heartbreak: Peter and Autumn have two daughters Savannah and Isla (Image: GETTY)

News of Peter and Autumn’s separation comes after several tumultuous months for the Queen.

Prince Andrew’s withdrawal from royal duties before Christmas was unprecedented and rocked the monarchy.

The Duke of York’s decision to step back was made amid the ongoing scandal around his friendship with deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step back from their royal roles at the start of the year plunged the monarchy back into crisis.

Autumn Phillips and Kate Middleton

Autumn Phillips and Kate at the Maserati Polo match with their children, Savannah and Isla, Charlotte and George (Image: WENN)

While the dust around the Sussex’s departure has now begun to settle, there is little doubt it rocked the royal boat.

Peter and Autumn’s reported plans to split will have created more undesirable news for the Firm at an already difficult time.

The royal divorce may upset the Queen on a personal level but will not affect the monarchy.

Peter Phillips is not an official working member of the Firm and so his split, while sad, will have no impact on the royal running of things.

Queen heartbreak

Queen heartbreak: Autmn was reportedly the one who asked for the divorce (Image: GETTY)

Queen heartbreak

Queen heartbreak: The royal couple will be the first of their generation to divorce (Image: GETTY)

Royal expert and commentator Marlene Koenig tweeted about the reported royal split.

She wrote: “A reminder Peter Phillips may be the son of a Princess, but he’s not royal, his marriage has nothing to do with monarchy, he carries out no royal duties, no £ from the Sovereign Grant.

“He is private citizen whose granny happens to be queen.”

Buckingham Palace told Express.co.uk it would not comment on the “private matter.”