Queen Elizabeth II backed for Buckingham Palace return -She will go where her laws permit


QUEEN ELIZABETH II will return to Buckingham Palace, Express co uk readers have said amid fears of the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, it is believed the Queen may never be able to return to conducting her royal duties in the same way she has during her 68-year reign.

It has led many royal commentators to consider what would happen if she ends royal engagements in public.

The Queen has been making public engagements for the last 68 years.

Experts have described Her Majesty stepping back from public duties as devastating for the hard-working monarch.

Some have suggested, with Buckingham Palace her working residence in the capital, the Queen would only return there if she were allowed to resume every aspect of her job.

Queen will return to Buckingham Palace say voters

Queen will return to Buckingham Palace say voters (Image: Getty)

Express.co.uk results

Express.co.uk results (Image: Express)

Since lockdown was imposed, the Queen has been living at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip.

This month the palace has confirmed the pair will leave Berkshire to head to Balmoral Castle for their annual summer holidays.

While being away from Buckingham Palace has meant Her Majesty has not carried out engagements such as receptions, state banquets and investiture ceremonies while she has been shielding, the Queen has been far from inactive over the past four months.

A poll, which ran from 3pm to 11pm on August 3, asked, ‘Will ‘devastated’ Queen ever go back to Buckingham Palace?’

The Queen may never return to Buckingham Palace

The Queen may never return to Buckingham Palace (Image: Getty)

Around 72 percent (600) said the Queen will return to the beloved palace once the threat of coronavirus has gone away.

One wrote: “Her Majesty will go where her laws permit whenever she decides to go.

“God Save the Queen.”

Just 22 percent (177) said she will not return and only six percent (55) said they didn’t know.

Royal UK residences

Royal UK residences (Image: Express)

Others argued Buckingham Palace is due a refurb and will work faster without the Queen living there.

One said: “They will be able to complete the renovations faster if she is not in residence.

“That may save some money in the long run.

“It could even mean that the amount of the Sovereign Grant will never revert to 15 percent of the Crown Estate revenues earlier than expected.

The Queen gave a powerful speech during lockdown

The Queen gave a powerful speech during lockdown (Image: Getty)

“It has been raised to 25 percent temporarily for the repairs.

“It’s her choice, of course, but there are benefits to her being elsewhere.”

Someone else argued Her Majesty rarely spends much time in the palace and said: “Why would she?

“She spends Christmas at Balmoral, summer at Sandringham and the rest of the time she can live at her favourite Windsor Castle.

Buckingham Palace was closed during lockdown

Buckingham Palace was closed during lockdown (Image: Getty)

“Buck House is undergoing repairs and refurbishment so why would she want to live amongst building works?”

Another pointed out Queen Victoria spent around 20 years in seclusion at Balmoral and Osborne House.

Royal expert, author Tom Quinn, believes the monarch would be relieved if she didn’t have to return to her working residence in London and enjoy a few more relaxed years.

He said: “I suspect she is relieved. She is so elderly, I find it so hard to believe she wants to keep such a busy schedule.

“She didn’t want to be seen reducing the massive list of engagements she had on.

“This means she can do that without upsetting anyone.”