Princess Diana’s niece Kitty says her ‘heart breaks’ for Italy amid coronavirus pandemic


Kitty Spencer was born in South Africa, and has modelled of the likes of Dolce and Gabanna for Italy in the past. The 29-year-old model admitted her “heart is breaking” and shared pictures as she credited the country for teaching her “the most valuable lessons about independence, passion, work and love.” She captioned the picture gallery with a heart-felt message, she wrote: “My heart breaks for Italy and everybody suffering through this tragedy.

kitty spencer

Kitty Spencer was born in South Africa, and has modelled of the likes of Dolce and Gabanna (Image: Getty)

“I owe an immeasurable amount to this magnificent country. 

“I have learnt the most valuable things I know about independence, passion, work and love from my experiences in Italy and with Italian people. 

“You are the masters of all that is great and important: talent, beauty, creativity, joy, family. 

“My most treasured friendships and most meaningful memories have come from my time in Italy. 

“I am so lucky to have called you “home” once upon a time and have felt inextricably bound to you since.

“The world is a brighter place for having Italy be a part of it. 

“You have always had my heart, but it’s with you now more than ever. 

“I am truly sorry for your pain. You are in my prayers, wonderful Italia. #italy #coronavirus.”


Kitty posted this photo to her Instagram where she paid tribute to Italy (Image: Instagram)

Her heartfelt tribute comes after her 61-year-old boyfriend and fashion tycoon, Michael Lewis, reportedly proposed to her in December. 

Michael has three adult children, who are all in their thirties and older than the socialite.  

He was previously married to a woman named Leola in 1985.

The tycoon is six years older than Kitty’s father, Charles Spencer, who is the younger brother of Princess Diana.  

Despite the age gap, an insider told the Daily Mail that she has agreed to marry him. 

Kitty was recently spotted at Michael’s £19 million mansion in central London and said that she did not feel in any rush to start a family.

She told the Mail: “I can see myself having children at some point, but I am only in my 20s.


Kitty will be marrying a man 6 years older than her father (Image: Getty)

“I do have friends my age who are having children, and they are so, so sweet, but I think everyone should do things in their own time.”

The tycoon’s previous wife, Leola, had to sign a prenuptial agreement, which raises the question of whether Lady Kitty will do the same or not.

Her last boyfriend was an Italian property mogul, who was significantly older than the socialite. 

One of Kitty’s friends told the Daily Mail: “She’s been in Cape Town for the holidays and told her mother and the rest of the family about the good news. 

“Michael is loved by all of them. Despite his wealth, he’s very humble and low key.”

Michael Lewis is Jewish, and it is not known yet whether Lady Kitty will convert to Judaism before the big day.