Princess Diana defied Palace with final ‘desperate’ act to prove Charles ‘loved her’


PRINCESS DIANA was forced into a final act of “desperation” to prove Prince Charles had “loved her” after the Prince of Wales questioned their relationship.

Princess Diana was reportedly distraught after Prince Charles suggested he had only married her because of Prince Philip issuing an ultimatum. Writer Jonathan Dimbleby wrote in his ‘Prince of Wales: A Biography’ the Duke of Edinburgh had warned Diana’s position would be “compromised” if a proposal did not arrive promptly. Claims suggesting Charles had only popped the question to please his father reportedly pushed Diana into a final “act of desperation”, according to broadcaster Piers Morgan. 

In his autobiography, Morgan suggested a Palace contact had reached him to suggest the Princess of Wales would not be opposed to the publication of pictures of herself and Prince Charles that had previously been deemed too “intrusive”.

The broadcaster wrote: “The snaps, she believed, were not published at the time because they were deemed too intrusive, but she would have no argument if we wanted to run them now.”

When Morgan asked why Diana would want the pictures releases, she reportedly had said “because ‘they prove he loved me’.”

He continued: “It’s extraordinary she would do this, but also an indication of how hurt she’s been by this particular revelation.

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Princess Diana was pushed into a “desperate final” act to prove Charles had “loved her” (Image: GETTY)

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Princess Diana had wanted to disprove claims allegedly made by Charles (Image: GETTY)

“We checked the safe, and sure enough there was a set of amazing photos of Diana and Charles romping together in the surf, looking for all the world like the most loving couple imaginable.

“We ran them under the headline THE LIAR KING.”

Charles and Diana had been embroiled in a bitter war of words in the latter part of their relationship.

The Princess of Wales retaliated to Charles’s book with an unprecedented interview with BBC Panorama during which she discussed her marital problems.

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles had been emroiled in a bitter war of words (Image: GETTY)

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Princess Diana had reportedly wanted to continue working in partnership with Charles (Image: GETTY)

The Queen is ultimately believed to have personally intervened to order the Prince and Princess of Wales to divorce to put an end to their skirmish.

Commentator Angela Levin said: “This was the monarch taking over, not so much the mother or mother-in-law, saying ‘I insist on a divorce. I see this as ridiculous, it’s not going to work with being separated.’

“They had to divorce.”

Royal expert Richard Kay said the public skirmish between Diana and Charles was feared to corrode the Royal Family’s public image and had to be ended.

Mr Kay said: “It was sort of dominating royal coverage, it was overshadowing all the good works of the Royal Family.

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced after 15 years (Image: GETTY)

“And they though it was sort of corroding the public attitudes towards the House of Windsor. It was very damaging times for the Queen.”

The couple confirmed they would divorce in 1995 after three years of separation and the proceedings were ultimately finalised the following year.

Princess Diana however had reportedly believed she and Charles could continue to work together as partners despite their difficulties.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said: “Diana was pretty unsettled with the divorce, she didn’t want the divorce, shr told me, ‘It’s not something I want.’

“I think she felt somehow they could continue as separated but partners and parents to the two boys, and she really did try to make it work and she wanted to make it work.

“She found the day of the divorce extremely hard. She did go out, she was seen in public but she was hurting badly.

“She told me that it was an extremely difficult day but she went home and burst into tears.