Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory: Letter Alleges Military Involvement in Royal’s Death


A new theory of conspiracy in the death of Princess Diana in 1997 has royal family watchers buzzing once again, but is there any merit to it at all?

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Princess Diana Death Conspiracy Theory Fourteen years after she would’ve seen her son wed Kate Middleton and 16 years after she would have welcomed a Royal Baby grandson, Diana’s death still fascinates.

The new conspiracy theory? That someone in the military was behind the tragedy.

Officials seem to be already knocking down the claim, however, denying the British military was involved in the deaths of Diana, her boyfriend and driver.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is Hard Work Play Video “This is not a re-investigation,” London police tersely stressed in a statement.

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The story appears to have been sent to military authorities and London police.

The parents-in-law of a British special forces sniper whose marriage had fallen apart, according to an article in the Sunday People newspaper, made the claim:

A handwritten letter by the in-laws alleges that the soldier boasted to his wife that the elite British Special Air Service commando unit was behind the deaths.

Military authorities have been aware of the claim since a 2011 court-martial of the soldier’s former roommate on weapons charges, the paper reported.

The unnamed soldier mentioned in the letter was a witness in that case.

Neither the Sunday People piece nor an earlier version carried by Press Association offered details of the claimed involvement by soldiers in the deaths.

Diana, 36, and Dodi Fayed, her 42-year-old boyfriend, died when the Mercedes they were traveling in hit a pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

They were being followed at the time by paparazzi after leaving the Ritz Hotel. Their driver, Henri Paul, also killed, was drunk and driving at high speed.

Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was the sole survivor.

The princess left behind her two children, Prince William, whose wife Kate recently gave birth to Diana’s first grandchild George, and Prince Harry.

A British coroner’s inquest in 2008 concluded that their deaths were the result of “grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes.”

The inquest found no evidence of murder, yet conspiracy theories accusing intelligence services and/or members of British royalty of orchestrating it have been a constant.

Prince Diana remains wildly popular in death, and news of the new claim sparked an immediate surge in discussion of her death on celebrity gossip sites and social media.

But many seemed skeptical, and it’s unclear if the allegations will make it any farther than previous claims have. London police certainly aren’t taking it seriously.

The U.K.’s Ministry of Defense said “this is for Metropolitan Police to investigate.”

“Not Prepared to Discuss Further,” Scotland Yard said in its own statement.

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