Princess Beatrice wedding sparks row amid claim ‘privileged royal grew up in gilded cage’


PRINCESS BEATRICE grew up in a “gilded cage” amid her extremely privileged life according to a TV commentator.

During Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine programme Nana Akua and fellow pannelist Jemma Forte discussed Princess Beatrice’s wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Ms Akua stated that she was not interested in that level of the Royal Family. Ms Forte said: “Princess Beatrice has grown up in a sort of gilded cage, it is not her fault. “I don’t think those girls have had that many jobs that have not been PR or floating around fashion magazines. “It is not their fault, but they have had a life of immense privilege. “Actually, before all of this she said something like ‘I might have a bigger wedding to cheer the nation up’, I thought no don’t do that.
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Princess Beatrice is currently ninth in line for the throne (Image: Getty)
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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are Prince Andrew’s only children (Image: Getty) Ms Akua replied: “To be honest with you this is probably the least interested I would be in terms of a wedding. “I am not interested in this level of the Royal Family.” Later during the same programme  Mr Vine and the panelists questioned whether it was right for the British public to fund Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter’s wedding.  Ms Forte said: “I think having it much smaller, less photographs was appropriate in feeling the mood of the nation. “Especially with Prince Andrew.” Mr Vine asked: “Don’t you think that if you are paying for it you want to see it?” Ms Akua replied: “I just don’t think we should be paying for it if I am totally honest. “I don’t really want to see the fact that we are because I don’t want to see it.
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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were married in 1986 (Image: Getty) “They need to go out and get some real jobs.” Mr Vine responded: “Princess Anne had the same thing, regarding whether to ask for the HRH title for Zara and she decided not to. “Andrew and Fergie pressed for it for their daughters and it comes with other things, security and stuff. “Maybe somebody should have stopped that.” Source: EXPRESS CO UK