Princess Anne snub: Queen’s daughter ‘wouldn’t go near’ new Royal Family tradition


PRINCESS ANNE has revealed she “wouldn’t go anywhere near” social media, despite most other royals embracing it as a modern tradition.

Anne spoke about social media in a new documentary that will be released ahead of her 70th birthday. Titled ’Anne, The Princess Royal’, the documentary saw the royal followed by film-makers for over a year. It will feature never before seen family footage, and show illuminating conversations with Anne as well as her children and husband.

Anne claimed that social media connections are “not quite the same” as normal life, and snubbed the hugely popular app Twitter.

She added: “The ability to meet people, that’s what makes the difference.

“I mean, I know what Twitter is but I wouldn’t go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly.

“But that’s a slightly different issue.”

princess anne social media twitter tradition

Princess Anne has said she won’t ‘go anywhere near’ social media (Image: PA)

princess anne social media twitter tradition

Anne made the remarks in an upcoming ITV documentary (Image: PA)

Anne also said that the younger royals face newer “hard” pressures from social media.

She added: “The pressure that is applied to the younger members of the family is always worse, because that’s what the media is interested in and that’s, you know, hard sometimes to deal with.

“But there was no social media in my day. So it probably has made it more difficult.”


princess anne social media twitter tradition

Anne also said that younger royals suffer from more pressure because of social media (Image: PA)

princess anne social media twitter tradition

The Queen has embraced social media, making video call appearances throughout the coronavirus pandemic (Image: PA)

Anne’s refusal to use social media follows a huge push by the Royal Family to embrace it during quarantine.

The Queen has made video appearances, with her first ever call coming in early June.

The Queen chatted with a group of carers, and said she was “very impressed” with what they achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Palace insider told the BBC that engagement on Clarence House’s social media accounts has increased tenfold since March.

While Anne has not embraced social media, she has continued her incredible charity efforts throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

As coronavirus restriction eased, Anne visited Bristol Port to meet with key workers and acknowledge their services during the pandemic.

Anne also recorded a special reading of a bible verse for Westminster Abbey’s Abbeycast podcast series.

Her debut podcast appearance was to mark St Peter’s Day, and followed the Prince of Wales and the Countess of Wessex appearing on the broadcast.

princess anne social media twitter tradition

Anne has still been working on her charities and making appearances throughout lockdown (Image: PA)

princess anne social media twitter tradition

Peter Phillip said in the documentary that Anne would give him ‘a clip round the ear’ (Image: PA)

In the ITV documentary, Anne’s son Peter Phillips also reveals that she would give him and Zara Tindall a “clip round the ear” if they did not behave themselves at royal events.

Peter said: “You then get a clip round the ear and say right, ‘behave yourself, you know, we’re going out on the balcony. Don’t pick your nose and you know, don’t yawn’.”

Zara also admitted that they saw events like Trooping The Colour as a chance to have “as much fun as possible” with cousins Prince William and Prince Harry.

She added: “For me, family occasions were all about hanging out with our cousins and just having as much fun as possible.”