Princess Anne: Does this royal rule change mean she could scoop title of Queen?


PRINCESS ANNE, 69, is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 93, and Prince Philip, 98. She is the Princess Royal but does a rule change mean she will one day become Queen?

Princess Anne is the second child of Queen Elizabeth II and was third in line to the British throne when she was born. She was soon moved down the line of succession when her brothers, Prince Andrew, 59, and Prince Edward, 55, were born. Does a change in royal law mean she has been moved back up the line?

Princess Anne: Royal Queen title

Princess Anne: A change in law could have pushed her up the line of succession (Image: GETTY)

When Princess Anne was born, she was third in line to the throne behind her mother, then Princess Elizabeth, and older brother Prince Charles.

She was given the title of Princess Royal in 1987, the name usually held by the eldest daughter of the monarch.

For many years, the men of the Royal Family had priority when it came to the order of succession.

That meant, although Anne was born first, she was moved down the line when Prince Andrew was born and again by Prince Edward.

Princess Anne: Royal Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Anne: She is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II (Image: GETTY)

Princess Anne: Royal Queen title Princess Royal

Princess Anne: She already holds the title of Princess Royal (Image: GETTY)

Under that royal rule, it was unlikely that a woman would ever take to the throne if she had a brother.

However, this was changed when Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting their first child.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 replaced the rule that men in the Royal Family would skip their female siblings in the line of succession.

Instead, the eldest child would precede their younger siblings regardless of their gender.

The change in law could have meant Princess Anne would’ve stayed second in line and possibly taken the role of Queen.

However, the rule only applied to those who were born after 28 October 2011, meaning Princess Anne missed out on the benefits.

Her children, Peter Phillips, 42, and Zara Tindall, 38, were also unaffected by the change.

Princess Anne: Royal Queen title royal event

Princess Anne: She is a full-time working member of the Royal Family (Image: GETTY)

In addition, by the time it was passed Prince Charles was already father to Prince William and Prince Harry who had taken precedent in the line of succession.

The new law caused a notable change to the succession when Princess Charlotte was born on 2 May 2015.

She became fourth in line to the British throne and this did not change when Prince Louis, one, was born in 2018.

Had the act not been passed, she would have lost her position by her younger brother.

Princess Anne: Princess Royal timeline

Princess Anne: She is unlikely to be Queen in the future (Image: EXPRESS)

As of August 2019, Princess Anne was 14th in line to the British throne.

Holding that position in the line of succession, it is unlikely Anne will ever take to the British throne.

She works as a full-time member of the Royal Family and will appear at official events on behalf of the Queen.