Prince Philip heartbreak: Duke got ‘validation’ from Anne after ‘failing’ Charles – expert


PRINCE Philip’s “no-nonsense” attitude often sees him compared to his daughter Princess Anne. Now a body language expert has claimed the Duke found “validation” with Anne after “failing” to form a “very close” relationship with Prince Charles.

Prince Philip, 99, sacrificed his budding naval career to serve the crown when his wife Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952. However, despite leaving his professional career behind, the Duke of Edinburgh maintained his love for sports and outdoor activities.

Prince Philip tried to pass on these passions to his first son Prince Charles.

But Charles was a sensitive child who was more drawn to the arts and had less of an affinity for the boisterous activities enjoyed by his father.

While Prince Philip had thrived at outdoorsy boarding school Gordonstaun and insisted Charles go there, the young prince was not a natural fit and is said to have once described it as “Colditz in kilts.”

Prince Philip and Charles are a bit like chalk and cheese and maintain a distant relationship to this day.

Prince Philip heartbreak

Prince Philip heartbreak: Duke got ‘validation’ from Anne after ‘failing’ Charles – expert (Image: GETTY)

Prince Philip heartbreak

Prince Philip heartbreak: The Duke found a “soulmate” in his daughter Anne (Image: GETTY)

Royal biographer Penny Junor explored their strained relationship in her 2005 book “The Firm.”

She wrote: “The Duke of Edinburgh was and is a bully, and was sparing in his affection.”

She recalled Philip was “rough” with his son and “frequently reduced the boy to tears.”

By contrast, Prince Philip and his daughter Princess Anne couldn’t be more alike.

Prince Philip heartbreak

Prince Philip heartbreak: Anne and Philip share a sense of humour (Image: GETTY)

Prince Philip heartbreak

Prince Philip heartbreak: Charles and his father have a more distant relationship (Image: GETTY)

Ashley Walton, royal reporter for the Daily Express 1980 to 1994, supported the view that Prince Anne is similar to her father.

He said: “She’s just like Prince Philip. She’s the strong part of the Royal Family.

“She’s as strong as he is, takes no nonsense, takes no prisoners.”

Ahead of Princess Anne’s 70th birthday on August 15, a body language expert has analysed photos of the Duke with his daughter and claimed Philip found a closeness with Anne that he failed to have with Charles.

Body language expert and author Judi James told “This very close royal relationship give the appearance of having been a very important one, especially for Prince Philip, who seems to have found in his daughter a form of reflection and even validation for all his own attitudes of toughness, challenge, duty and hard work.

“Strong, like-minded (or even bloody-minded) personalities can often clash, but the intense mirroring visible in Anne and her father’s body language suggests they make a compatible and empathetic fit.”

According to Judi, Philip found “an adventurous soulmate” in Anne after failing to click with Charles.

She added: “After apparently trying (and failing) to push his more sensitive first child Charles into being a chip off the old Mountbatten block, Philip seemed to have found his adventurous and fun soul-mate in his second child, Anne.

“That relationship has now weathered seventy years without any apparent rifts or hiccups and, despite the fact that neither are keen on any form of PDA, the subtler body language signals show the bond between them is still as strong as ever.”

Prince Philip heartbreak

Prince Philip heartbreak: Anne and Philip are “very close” (Image: GETTY)

Princess Anne and Philip share a wry sense of humour and neither of them suffers fools gladly.

Both royals are known to speak their minds and are at times perceived as brusque.

Princess Anne had a private birthday lunch with the Queen before she left Windsor Castle for Balmoral with Prince Philip.

Anne’s original plans for 70th birthday celebrations in Scotland are understood to have been pared back amid the pandemic.

The Princess Royal may still visit her parents at Balmoral with husband Timothy Lawrence later this summer.