Prince Philip health: Heartbreaking reason why the Queen didn’t visit Philip in hospital


PRINCE PHILIP was taken to hospital in a helicopter just days before Christmas for treatment at King Edward VII hospital in London.

Prince Philip is now spending Christmas with the Royal Family in Sandringham Estate, but the Queen’s husband spent four nights in hospital receiving treatment for a “pre-existing condition”, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

During his hospital visit, the Queen stayed in Sandringham, having just arrived by train hours after Philip had departed for London, which might seem peculiar to some.

However, the reason for the Queen’s absence is due to a very practical reason.

Whenever Her Majesty visits locations it can be very disruptive with additional security checks, protocols and measures put in place wherever the monarch goes.

The Queen is unlikely to have wanted to disrupt other patients at King Edward VII hospital, especially since Prince Philip was only visiting on advice from doctors as a “precaution”.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter wrote on Twitter: “After seeing some pretty horrid comments about the Queen being at Sandringham while Philip is in hospital I’d like to TRY to add a little perspective.

“Generally royals don’t visit each other in hospital.

“There are always exceptions but sensible thinking is at the core not a lack of sensitivity.

Prince Philip health latest the Queen
Prince Philip health The Queen didn’t visit Philip in hospital for a very practical reason (Image Getty)

Prince Philip health: The Queen didn’t visit Philip in hospital for a very practical reason (Image: Getty)

“Were the Queen to visit him the security requirements alone would be incredibly disruptive.

“Conscious of other patients undergoing treatment they don’t want to cause undue stress for them or their families.

“Not only are they very private when it comes to medical issues they also want to avoid further speculation.

“Philip of all of the royals abhors any kind of fuss and he would want the Queen to continue as normal for the rest of the family – children, grandchildren.”

Prince Philip leaves hospital on Tuesday
Prince Philip leaves hospital on Tuesday (Image: Getty)

Prince Philip leaves hospital on Tuesday (Image: Getty)

In April 2018, the Duke of Edinburgh underwent a hip operation at the same hospital.

He was admitted to the hospital on April 3 and was discharged on April 13, to continue his recovery at Windsor Castle.

Princess Anne is understood to have been the only member of the Royal Family to visit the Prince, who said at the time he was “on good form”.

The visited lasted 50 minutes.

The Queen is understood to have received regular updates and spoke to her husband while he was in hospital.

The Queen told a wellwisher in Windsor: “He said he’s getting on very well.”