Prince Harry warning: Duke’s desire to ‘make Meghan happy’ will damage royal – shock claim


PRINCE HARRY’S official biographer has warned his desire to make Meghan, Duchess of Sussex happy may come at a cost to himself.

Royal commentator Angela Levin told Australian news programme 60 Minutes Harry is longing for less royal life. The royal expert claimed Harry’s desire to make his wife happy could be damaging for him. She said: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. I think to the detriment of Harry.”
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Prince Harry warned about relationship with Meghan (Image: SPLASH)
Meghan Markle
Angela Levin told Australian news “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. I think to the detriment of Harry.” (Image: GETTY) The royal commentator also attempted to explain why Meghan Markle receives so much criticism. She added: “I think it is very unfair to say criticism is racism. “I think a lot of the criticism comes about because she lectures the public on how to behave but does not do it herself.” Ms Levin used the example of Meghan flying around in a private jet despite discouraging the public from flying themselves.
Angela Levin
Angela Levin wrote a book about the Duke of Sussex (Image: 60MINUTES) She said: “We shouldn’t fly but she can go off on private jets to Elton John or to see the Clooneys.” Ms Levin continued to criticise Meghan. She added she believes Meghan may be too spikey for Harry. She also said she was sure Meghan “wore the trousers” in their relationship.

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Meghan and Harry
Meghan and Harry are loved by royal fans all over the world (Image: 60MINUTES) Prince Harry and Meghan chose to speak on stage at the ‘Alternative Investment Summit’ in Miami last Thursday. The Duke and Duchess Sussex were paid around £755,000 to attend as critics have blasted the royal couple for accepting the cash. Commenting on the event on the Jeremy Vine show, Bobby Friction said: “On a PR level let’s just think about Prince Charles who is still a member of the Royal Family. “If he went there, we wouldn’t be criticising him in the same way.”
Royal Family on social media
Royal Family on social media (Image: EXPRESS)
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Levin said she believes Meghan may be too spikey for Harry (Image: GETTY) Dawn Neesom added: “Yes, I would because he would have flown there in a private jet like Harry and Meghan did so, don’t give me a lecture on it.” Mr Friction continued: “I think the way the great British public have reacted to this story wouldn’t be the same because they would have said, ‘well he’s working for the royal family, he’s obviously a learned man’. “Prince Charles has had a lot of experience, ‘let him do that’. “I totally understand what you mean about it being a slight PR disaster for them. It’s the first gig that they’re doing but they wanted to do this so let them.” Source: EXPRESS CO UK