Obama’s confession to Prince Charles: ‘US citizens like royals more than politicians’


PRINCE CHARLES once received a surprising compliment from Barack Obama about whom the US citizens preferred during a trip to the country amid a period of scrutiny into the royal’s politics, reports have revealed.

Yet, due to the couple’s strong bond with the Obamas and US President Donald Trump’s public insults towards Meghan, it is widely assumed that the Sussexes tacitly back the Democrat’s nominee Joe Biden.

Former President Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail this week to back Mr Biden, his former Vice-President.

Mr Obama compared Mr Trump to a “crazy uncle” and said the incumbent President emboldened racists during a scathing attack on the Republican.

Although Mr Biden is currently leading in the polls, Mr Obama also warned the electorate against complacency.

Prince Charles and Barack Obama

Prince Charles and Barack Obama (Image: Getty)

Barack Obama on the campaign trail in favour of Joe Biden

Barack Obama on the campaign trail in favour of Joe Biden (Image: Getty)

He said: “I don’t care about the polls. There were a whole bunch of polls last time [in 2016]. Didn’t work out. Because a whole bunch of folks stayed at home.

“And got lazy and complacent. Not this time. Not in this election. Not this time.”

His words echoed Meghan’s from August, when she encouraged voter registration.

Speaking to When We All Vote, she said: “If you aren’t going out there and voting, then you’re complicit. If you are complacent, you’re complicit.”

However, Meghan has faced huge backlash for her words, unlike Mr Obama – and years before her comments, the former President had claimed the apolitical royals were more popular than politicians in the US.

The conversation took place when Charles travelled to the Oval Office in 2015 to meet with Mr Obama and Mr Biden.

In front of the cameras, Mr Obama said to Charles: “I think it’s fair to say that the American people are quite fond of the Royal Family.”

Charles said this was “awfully nice to know”.

Prince Charles meeting Obama in 2015 at the Oval Office

Prince Charles meeting Obama in 2015 at the Oval Office (Image: Getty)

Camilla, Prince Charles and Obama in 2015 during the royals' tour of the US

Camilla, Prince Charles and Obama in 2015 during the royals’ tour of the US (Image: Getty)

Mr Obama then added: “They like them much better than they like their own politicians.”

The Prince of Wales quickly responded, “I don’t believe that”, before changing the subject.

The four-day trip itself was seen as Charles stepping in to take on more of the Queen’s responsibilities.

Interestingly, this exchange happened when the Prince of Wales was under additional scrutiny for his ‘black spider memos’.

Obama chose Biden as his Vice-President in 2008

Obama chose Biden as his Vice-President in 2008 (Image: Getty)

The Guardian was fighting for the royal’s handwritten letters where he supposedly lobbied ministers to be published, to show the extent of Charles’ political interest.

The BBC’s Nicholas Witchell then noted during the royal’s US visit how there was a political shadow hanging over Charles.

He said: “These visits always have their lighter moments as he navigates the line between his future kingship and his continued campaigning without causing an upset.”

The royal correspondent also saw Charles’ meeting with Mr Obama as an opportunity for the royal to “raise some of the issues that he cares so much about”, such as climate change, although these can be seen as more humanitarian work than politically-motivated campaigning.


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