Meghan Markle struggles with Royal Family role amidst Kate rift rumours – ‘It’s TERRIBLE!’


MEGHAN Markle has suffered from a number of “terrible” issues since joining the Royal Family, with negative press surrounding Kate being “nothing like” that of the Duchess of Sussex, royal expert Melanie Bromley claimed.

Meghan Markle has been subject to “terrible” problems throughout her role as the Duchess of Sussex, the royal expert said. Melanie Bromley also suggested public scrutiny surrounding Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was “nothing like” that of Meghan. Speaking on E! News, Ms Bromley revealed: “But Kate didn’t have this. Even Kate who, she had longer to prepare, any negative press she got was like, oh her mother worked for an airline, whatever it was, or Kate’s uncle was a bit controversial with his ‘Maison de Bang Bang’ in Ibiza.

Meghan Markle Melanie Bromley said what the Duchess has dealt with has been Image GETTY
Meghan Markle Melanie Bromley said what the Duchess has dealt with has been Image GETTY

“But it was nothing like this, what Meghan’s had to deal with as far as her father against her, her sister and her half brother, has been terrible.”

Guest Erin Lim agreed: “Yeah she has everything stacked against her.”

Ms Bromley also discussed how Meghan is on track to receiving the same treatment Princess Diana received in the early days of her marriage to Prince Charles.

She said: “While it was great at first – it looks great on the outside, becoming a duchess, becoming a princess – but it’s horrific.

Harry was said to have been angered with brother Prince William for “not rolling out the red carpet” for Meghan.

Meghan was also reported to have angered the Queen after she asked for air fresheners to rid St George’s Chapel of an apparent musky smell before her wedding.

She reportedly also demanded the emerald tiara Princess Eugenie had secured for her own wedding at the same venue last October.

Three of Meghan and Harry’s aides have quit their roles months into having Meghan as their boss.

Despite the bombardment, Meghan has kept smiling while on official outings with her husband.

She was even pictured chatting happily with the Duchess of Cambridge when the Royal Family attended a church service on Christmas Day.