Meghan Markle and Prince Harry risk making Princess Diana’s ‘mistake’ by becoming ‘too popular for their own good’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Lion King premiere last weekend Image Getty
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Lion King premiere last weekend Image Getty

It was clear to onlookers at last weekend’s Lion King premiere that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle command serious star power – with even Beyonce, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Elton John basking in their royal glow.

But an expert has warned that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s global popularity has already “upset the royal pecking order” and could see them make the same “cardinal sin” as the late Princess Diana by “stealing the limelight” from the monarchy.

“While having glittering charismatic younger members is essential to maintaining public interest in the monarchy, that should never come at the expense of detracting from the person who actually gets to wear the crown,” writes royal journalist Daniela Elser for

“Whether Diana was just being wilfully obstinate in the face of her husband’s imperious family or simply naive, the causes and issues she devoted herself to in the ’90s transformed her into a global powerbroker who, perhaps unwittingly, stole the limelight and made herself a target.

“And this was a cardinal sin in the eyes of the royal family — and one her son and daughter-in-law are dangerously close to repeating.”

Elser points to the words of Patrick Jephson, the equerry of Princes William and Harry for eight years, who has suggested the Sussexes could become too popular for their own good – just like Diana.

“As Diana discovered to her cost, if you acquire for yourself, however justifiably, a profile, a purpose, and a vocal, passionate public devotion independent of the royal mainstream, then you will risk being perceived and presented as a threat to the Crown itself,” he explained in his book, The Meghan Factor.

“This will mobilise the full forces of the establishment against you.”