Kate Middleton pregnant: How George and Charlotte reveal the Duchess is expecting


KATE MIDDLETON, 38, is the Duchess of Cambridge and a mother of three. Wife of Prince William, she has Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

Kate Middleton, William and their children
Royal fans may hope Kate Middleton announces another pregnancy, and recently there have been some rumours with bookies narrowing the odds on a fourth baby. What signs might fans expect to see if Kate and Prince William are expecting another royal baby. Body language expert Judi James revealed one way in which eagle-eyed fans could spot Kate is pregnant. She claims one easy tell would be in the Duchess’s three children. The young children are less likely to be subtle when it comes to their excitement. Judi told Express.co.uk: “Small children can be the worst secret-keepers so George, Charlotte and Louis might supply us with some tell-tale clues.
Kate Middleton and her family
Kate Middleton pregnant: Recently there ave been some rumours with bookies narrowing the odds (Image: GETTY)
Prince William and his children
Kate Middleton pregnant: The Duchess’s children are likely to give any pregnancy away (Image: GETTY) “As this would be the fourth baby they should be nothing but excited and delighted to expand their gang so watch their eyes move towards any baby-bump if they pose with Kate in public.” Kate may not have anymore children after she was given a warning by fans. After she expressed the thought, “We’ll just have to have more babies,” to William during an event in 2017, she was written an open later. The organisation Having Kids asked Kate to reconsider having more children to set an example to others. The letter, posted on the organisation’s official website in 2017, discussed the influence the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have as royals and the power they have to “make a sustainable small family”. Clearly, Kate did not heed the warning, as the next year, in 2018, she had Prince Louis. A fourth child would make Kate the first royal woman sine the Queen to have four children. Judi has also suggested the ‘togetherness’ Kate and William showed at a recent event could indicate the arrival of a baby. They attended Shire Hall Care Home in South Wales yesterday. The Duchess of Cambridge could be seen laying a sweet hand on her husband’s back. Judi said: “Their togetherness signals might suggest a new royal baby.” She said: “The body language of Kate and William here suggests lock-down might have suited both their relationship as a couple and as a royal team as they appear more relaxed and in-tune than ever before.
Kate and William
Kate Middleton pregnant: The young children are less likely to be subtle when it comes to excitement (Image: GETTY) “The couple’s strong mirroring traits have always given clues of a like-minded relationship but here they seem happy to use many more tie-sign gestures than usual, keeping in communication with and enjoying one another’s company via glances, shared smiles and actual touches to allow us to glimpse more open affection and closeness.” In other royal parenting news, Mike Tindall discussed his children on Good Morning Britain today. Mike told GMB presenter’s Kate and Adil he was enjoying time with his youngest child Lena. He said: “You get to watch her grow and change. “You get stressed but at the majority of the time it’s with love.” Source: EXPRESS CO UK