Kate Middleton found miraculous answer to Diana and Meghan’s constant dilemma


KATE MIDDLETON found the answer to a predicament both Princess Diana and Meghan Markle grappled with while on the royal frontline, according to a commentator.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s new initiative, ‘Hold Still, 2020’, celebrated life in Britain during this year’s unprecedented lockdown through unique portraits of the nation taken by the public. The project built upon the royal’s own passion for taking photographs. Kate’s budding photography skills have delighted royal fans since she first started to release up close and personal images of her immediate family. Most recently, she posted photographs on her shared Instagram account with Prince William, @kensingtonroyal, to celebrate Prince George’s seventh birthday and an astonishingly intimate image of Prince Charles and William embracing for Father’s Day. These sneak peeks into life behind Palace walls are fleeting, but show the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have learnt to adapt to life in the public eye. Royal commentator Camilla Tominey also claimed it had a much greater effect on royal life than the public might realise. She wrote: “What is even more remarkable than Kate’s flourishing artistry is the effect it has had on royal photography in general.
Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana
Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana (Image: Getty)
Kate with her family in Norfolk during lockdown
Kate with her family in Norfolk during lockdown (Image: Getty) “Releasing such intimate family photos so regularly to the press has killed, stone dead, the market for paparazzi shots.” Both William and Kate struggled early on in their relationship to maintain a sense of privacy. William even issued a stern warning to paparazzi who gathered outside Kate’s house on her 25th birthday, while the couple have also been very keen to maintain privacy with their three children. Ms Tominey continued: “Diana, the late Princess of Wales, could only have dreamed of such a scenario. “And when you consider how fiercely protective William is of his family’s privacy, you soon realise this is no accident.
Prince Charles and Prince William in a photograph released by Kate Middleton
Prince Charles and Prince William in a photograph released by Kate Middleton (Image: Instagram/ @kensingtonroyal) “Conscious that the public would demand to see ‘at home’ imagery of George – and later Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – but anxious not to thrust them into the limelight, the Duchess borrowed an idea from Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden.” By releasing intimate images of the royals, Kate is able to handle both the public demands of being the wife of one future king and the mother of another while maintaining a sense of control. As Ms Tominey added in The Telegraph, in June: “The Duchess is fast becoming the monarchy’s leading chronicler of modern royal life.” Meghan has been open about her dilemma with her own public image, too, as has Prince Harry, but neither have adopted Kate’s approach. The Sussexes’ have been keen to raise their son Archie as a private citizen and so he has only been seen by the public once in 2020, through a video released for @savethechildrenuk.
Prince George, in a photograph taken by Kate for his seventh birthday
Prince George, in a photograph taken by Kate for his seventh birthday (Image: Instagram/ @kensingtonroyal)
William, in a heart-warming snap with his three children
William, in a heart-warming snap with his three children (Image: Instagram/ @kensingtonroyal) The Duchess of Sussex recently claimed that she felt “prohibited defending herself” against negative press by the Royal Family, while Harry has regularly pushed back against the “goldfish bowl” life that is expected of those on the royal frontline, too. Their decision to step back from the monarchy and become financially independent earlier this year is allegedly because they want to focus on family life with their son. They have also just bought their first property together in Santa Barbara, California, an area known for its privacy. Diana, too, struggled with media intrusion, and in 1993, she declared that she was stepping out of the limelight for a period. She explained: “When I started my public life 12 years ago, I understood that the media might be interested in what I did.
Princess Diana stepped out of the spotlight in 1993
Princess Diana stepped out of the spotlight in 1993 (Image: Getty) “I realised then that their attention would inevitably focus on both our private and public life. “But I was not aware of how overwhelming that attention would become; nor the extent to which it would affect both my public duties and my personal life.” Despite William’s resistance to taking the spotlight, he and Kate appear to have found a compromise that few of their family have replicated. By taking photographs of themselves on special occasions, they have been able to fulfil their duty as public figures and maintain control over their image. Source: EXPRESS CO UK