James Middleton shares rare glimpse into sister Kate’s family home


KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James has shared a rare glimpse into their family home.

James shared a snippet on Instagram of the Middleton family kitchen. It’s being described as a gorgeous rustic country kitchen. Carole and Michael Middleton, who are James and Catherine’s parents, live in a traditional England mansion in the Berkshire countryside.

This is a place not far from where their children grew up.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, it was believed James has been in lockdown at the family home with his parents and fiancee, Alizee Thevenet.

The youngest of the Middleton clan, James, decided to post a video to his Instagram account of his new business, Ella & Co.

A business that looks at foods which are healthy for both dogs and humans to eat.

James Middleton and Fiance with Pippa Middleton

James Middleton and Fiance with Pippa Middleton (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

Other Instagram videos posted by James included footage of him sharing an apple with his pet dog Ella, wherein the background you could see the family kitchen.

The kitchen itself is decorated with cream tones and darker worktops and cabinets.

Also, there appears to be an impressive white structure covering the vast hob.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Pots and pans can be seen in the corner of the video, suggesting the Middleton clan are keen cooks.

Although people on social media are jumping to the conclusion that James recorded the video in his family kitchen nobody can guarantee that for certain.

However, due to the fact that social distancing guidelines are still in place, many say it’s likely he was keen to record his messages in the safety of his own home.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother has shared various social media posts of his time in Bucklebury during the lockdown.

Carole and Michael Middleton

Carole and Michael Middleton (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

In the grounds of the Middleton family home, James has been seen sharing pictures of his dogs that have melted the hearts of many of his followers.

James had also joked that he was unable to tick off every item of his New Year’s resolution list, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A couple of months ago, James has also been sharing pictures of his family home and posting videos of himself with his fiancee.

Bucklebury Manor is the name of the estate and although it wasn’t the home that Catherine and her siblings grew up in, it is where her parents have been living since 2012

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Sussex

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Sussex (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

The home’s surrounding estate reportedly covers a whopping 18 acres.

James and his fiancée Alizee were originally due to marry this summer, however, the couple has reportedly postponed their big day amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They may change their plans to host a smaller ceremony adhering to the current government guidelines or wait until they can host a big wedding.

However, it is certain that Prince William and Kate will be there to join in the celebrations.

Possibly along with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who may even be a part of their wedding party.