Charles’ terrible accident in front of Harry and William revealed — ‘I was quietly dying!’


PRINCE CHARLES was injured and hospitalised during a polo match with his sons Prince Harry and Prince William several years ago – but the boys were reportedly unbothered as their father was “quietly dying” according to an unearthed interview.

Charles and his two sons all share a love of sports, particularly polo. Harry and William were seen only last summer playing against one another, but Charles is believed to have since given up the sport now that he is 71. However, back in 2006, the three royals were interviewed by the famous duo Ant and Dec for the Prince’s Trust. During the conversation, the royals revealed what happened during one of their previous matches when they played polo together.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William (Image: Getty)

Charles explained: “We really wanted to win.

“And I get this usual stuff, ‘silly old father, get on with it’, kind of thing.”

William interjected: “That was the politest thing I said.”

Charles said: “I was trying too hard, I remember, I had to turn the pony very fast.

“The next thing, the pony came down, so I must have landed absolutely on my head.

Charles Diana

The Prince and Princess of Wales pictured leaving Cirencester hospital after receiving treatment for a broken arm he sustained during a polo match (Image: PA)

Prince Charles William

The Prince of Wales (centre) plays a shot for the Highgrove Polo team closely pursued by his son Prince William during their charity match (Image: PA)

“Anway, it completely felled me. I ended up being taken to hospital.

“When I finally woke up, this person here [pointed to Harry], told me later that he thought when I was lying on the ground.

“He thought, ‘Oh Papa’s just snoring’!”

Charles added: “There I was, busily swallowing my tongue, quietly dying!”

There was laughter from both Harry, William and Ant and Dec before Charles continued: “Can you imagine, they tried to kill me so they could walk off with my ponies!”

Harry interrupted with a smile: “And the rest!”

Charles Diana

Princess of Wales presents prizes at the Cartier International polo club (Image: PA)

Charles Camilla

The Prince of Wales kisses his wife the Duchess of Cornwall at a polo presentation ceremony (Image: PA)

Harry, William and Charles are all keen sportsmen

Harry, William and Charles are all keen sportsmen (Image: Getty)

The three royals having a laugh at the Invictus Games

The three royals having a laugh at the Invictus Games (Image: Getty)

William went on to say that they worked very well as a team, but when one of them did something wrong there were always “two very stern faces looking at you”.

He added: “And then you get the b*ll*ck*ng afterwards!”

Although the relationship between the royals appeared very amicable at the time of the interview, it is believed to have shifted significantly over recent months.

Harry’s decision to withdraw from the Royal Family and relocate to North America came as a huge blow to The Firm.

Prince William and Harry

Prince William and Harry at Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire, watching their father Prince Charles playing a charity polo match (Image: PA)

Charles Diana

A very pregnant Diana, Princess of Wales with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at a polo event at Windsor Great Park in June, 1982 (Image: EMPICS)

His announcement in January followed months of reported rifts with William over his relationship with Meghan Markle.

Even the polo match last summer is believed to have been fraught with tensions due to a harsh argument just before they started the game.

Many royal fans commented on the apparent tensions between Harry and William when they reunited for the first time since the Sussexes’ declaration of independence.

They were seen together in early March at the Commonwealth Day service, and the two exchanged a muted hello and little more.

Harry and William playing polo last summer

Harry and William playing polo last summer (Image: Getty)

Charles, Harry and William used to play polo together frequently

Charles, Harry and William used to play polo together frequently (Image: Getty)

Harry caused tensions within the royal fold when he announced his intention to step back

Harry caused tensions within the royal fold when he announced his intention to step back (Image: Getty)

However, Harry is thought to still be on relatively good terms with his father Charles, who has tried to ensure a route back to the Royal Family if the Duke of Sussex changes his mind.

The Prince of Wales has made sure both Harry and Meghan can still have their HRH titles — but just not use them while living outside of the main royal fold.

Still, the news came as a great disappointment to Charles.

On the other hand, Charles and William are thought to have been drawn closer together than previously due to Harry’s absence.

0They recently went on a rare public engagement together with Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles, to show they were still a united family even without the Sussexes.