Baby Archie update: How Queen to treasure moment with baby Archie ahead of final spilt


BABY ARCHIE is expected to return to Britain with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry next month. This is how the Queen may treasure time with her great-grandson before the Sussex’s’ final split from the Fold.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been called back from Canada by the Queen for a UK engagement in March. The couple have been asked to attend one final event before they step down as senior royals for good. Baby Archie remained in Canada when the couple returned to Britain to drop their royal bombshell last month but the youngster will fly back with them in March, the Sunday Times reported.

Meghan Markle and Harry are expected to attend the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9.

Royal Family members and government officials from the 53 Commonwealth countries will untie for the special ceremony.

Last year Meghan was pregnant with Archie Harrison when she and Prince Harry went to the event.

This year the service will be particularly significant for the Sussexes given their decision to settle in Canada.

Baby Archie update

Baby Archie update: How Queen to treasure moment with baby Archie ahead of final spilt (Image: GETTY)

Baby Archie update

Baby Archie update: Meghan and Harry are expected to travel with Archie back to the UK next month (Image: Getty)

While nine-month-old Archie is unlikely to be at the service with his parents he is expected to join them for the trip.

The Sussex family will keep their Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage despite stepping back as senior royals.

The home was a wedding gift to the couple from the Queen and is close to Windsor Castle, where she often stays.

Meghan and Harry are expected to use their next UK visit to round off their time as senior royals with a string of engagements.

Baby Archie update

Baby Archie update: Baby Archie will spend most of his time in Canada in future (Image: Sussex Royal)

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend to business, the Queen may savour the chance to spend time with baby Archie who she is likely to see less of in future.

Meghan and Harry’s decision to raise Archie in North America means he is unlikely to have regular contact with his royal relatives.

The couple wish to keep their son out of the limelight and have not confirmed how often they will return to Britain in future.

Archie could still form a close bond with his royal family members if Meghan and Harry adopt a jetsetter lifestyle, one parenting expert has claimed.

Parenting expert Martina Mercer said: “It’s unclear currently how often Harry and Meghan will visit the UK and if they will take Archie with them each time.

“As a family used to travel, with the means to afford comfortable travel, Prince Charles and Archie’s cousins could still play an important role in

Archie’s life.”

Ms Mercer suggested Meghan and Harry may raise Archie in the same manner as many celebrity parents.

Baby Archie update

Baby Archie update: The Sussexes will step back from Spring (Image: GETTY)

She added: “Many stars have successfully hidden their children from the media spotlight only to find that the same children wish to enter into the showbiz industry as they turn into adults.

“Harry and Meghan may find this is the case for Archie and the royal family.

“A lot also depends on Harry and Meghan’s plans for work and business, as I strongly suspect that Meghan will remain in the media spotlight, however, this time it will be on her own terms.

“If Archie views life as a royal as better than the life he grows up with, he may set out to embrace his heritage when he comes of age.”